“There’s no I in weblog. There’s an ego, though, if you jumble it up.”

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hello, and welcome. I am your humble host, “Bry” (n.b. That is the last time any reference to me on this blog can truthfully include the description “humble.”).

As you see, I have decided to start a blog, although I’m not sure what content I have with which to pollute the world.

From what I can tell, the principal subject of blogs is “things my cat did that are funny, interesting, or entertaining only to me.” I don’t have a cat, so my blog’s going to have to feature things that I did that are funny, interesting or entertaining only to me. The drastic reduction in cute this causes is offset by a roughly proportional surge in smug.

I’m struggling to find a pithy description of this blog that isn’t tautological. This is going to be a creative blog — but then all blogs are, to some extent, I suppose. And of course it’s essentially a vanity blog — but then, ditto.

I guess the best mission statement for this blog is that it’s a place to post entertaining things I write, where “entertaining” means “entertaining me,” not “entertaining you.” (This mission statement will be changing frequently.)

Things like, naturally, badly written light verse:

To close this post inaugural,
This neoteric blogger’ll
Compose a bit of doggerel,
Sing, hey! for the birth of a blog.

I’ll post with regularity,
Although urbane hilarity
Will be a dreadful rarity,
Sing, hey! for the regular blog.

I’ll strive to be satirical,
And muse in manner lyrical,
If you see any sense, it’s a miracle —
Sing, hey! for the typical blog.

I’ll pump up my vanity
(It’s astronomical),
Blather inanity
(Thinking it comical),
Try different media
(Choices are numerous),
Link Wikipedia
(It’s much more humorous),
Try innovation and
Joke around airily,
Lose inspiration and stop arbitr

“Entertaining” also means that while there’s going to be quite a lot of me, there’s not going to be anything much about me, except maybe that I’m too easily amused.

Well, enjoy yourselves (once you get here; I haven’t actually invited anyone yet). More later; I’m off to find a bottle of champagne to break against my laptop.

— Bry

I should mention: As you may have noticed, my nom de blog is, imaginatively, Bry (actually, it is a little imaginative in that hardly anyone has ever called me Bry before). Anyone who reads this will probably know my True Name — if so, and if something compels you to comment, you may use whichever name you prefer, although I shall respond (“in character”, as it were) under my blog alias.

I have decided to adopt this name because I hope there will be a rather pleasurable frisson in maintaining the fiction that it is not I but this fictional “Bry” who is wasting so many hours writing blog entries. (If it influences your decision, addressing me by this name would help me perpetuate this fiction.)


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