Friday Fiascos #2: The Telepath, part 1

Friday, September 29, 2006

I started Friday Fiascos because I had too many irons in the fire and I wanted to strike a few off my list while they were hot. Here’s a story idea that came to me, oh, years and years ago that I never wrote. It’s only the first of about three parts, and it’s not very good, but wait ’til you see what I have for you next week. (I don’t know what it is yet, but it should be good.)

[20080328: I reread this and I realize it’s absolutely awful, so I’m burying it.]

One Response to “Friday Fiascos #2: The Telepath, part 1”

  1. […] Here’s another Navel-Centric Discussion of my latest Friday Fiasco, “The Telepath, Part 1.” As before, reading this post may ruin the original for you, and I don’t mean spoil the ending, I mean make the original seem as worthless and trite and badly written as it seems to me. […]

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