Monday Aftermath #2: The Telepath, Part 1

Monday, October 2, 2006

Important things first: It’s the 56th anniversary of the first Peanuts comic strip.

Here’s another Navel-Centric Discussion of my latest Friday Fiasco, “The Telepath, Part 1.” As before, reading this post may ruin the original for you, and I don’t mean spoil the ending, I mean make the original seem as worthless and trite and badly written as it seems to me.

Read on:

Obviously I can’t talk too much about this without actually spoiling an ending that isn’t really in sight right now. I still have major characters to introduce in the next part, notably the long-awaited manager. I don’t know.

I rarely if ever write fiction (or write at all, to be frank). I don’t usually have much inspiration for stories, although I think I’ll be having a lot more ideas now that I’m beginning to find my muse.
I feel as though the sandy-haired man should have a name, if only so I can call him something other than “the sandy-haired man.” I had to have him reveal that he was the titular character so that I could start referring to him as “the telepath” in upcoming segments. It wasn’t much of a reveal, seeing as how I gave it away in the title. However, I’m tempted to change the title just to save that punch as long as possible.

I was extremely tired when I wrote that, and I feel that it’s just a lot of cliches hung onto an overused science fiction framework. I don’t tend to read science fiction or fantasy, so I don’t know if “telepathic bank robber” has been used before, but I would presume it has. [Off the top of my head, I’ve enjoyed Ender’s Game (but not its sequels), Star Wars (ep. 4-6), and, uh, not a lot else. There may be a post in this, so I shan’t elaborate now.]

There is nothing really shocking in the language or content, except if you know me, and then there may be. I am fairly strait-laced, and I don’t swear, make sexual references, etc. in daily life, and I’m not sure whether it’d be better to omit them in fiction and ruin whatever suspension of disbelief there is left in a story about a telepathic bank robber, or to keep them in and sound stilted, since they don’t form part of my natural vocabulary.

I’m tired of this already, and I still have more parts to write. The next part, when it comes, will not be coming this Friday.

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