Big Ben and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

My next door neighbor is a nice lady, unmarried, possibly a divorcee. She has, I believe, a cat, but only one cat. We figure if we abandon enough kittens at her doorstep, we can turn her into the crazy cat lady, but otherwise I guess she’s safe.

She is, though, the crazy motorcycling lady. She keeps a couple of them, and every once in a while we see some other enthusiasts in her driveway (I hesitate to call them a “motorcycle gang,” mostly because they might beat me up).

I’ve no problem with motorcyclists — I even cheered for one in the last Super Bowl (although he was wearing a helmet then).

I guess my favorite thing about motorcyclists is that I’ve never seen one on a cell phone before.

(Sorry, stressful commute today.)


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