Monday Aftermath #3: Anatomy

Monday, October 9, 2006

First off, let me just say I’m glad I committed to writing about Friday Fiascos and not about fiascos in general, because I really don’t want to talk about Sunday.

The thing about writing these Navel-Centric Examinations is that, as I say, it reveals the sausage-factory quality of these works. Anatomy, for instance, works best if it can appear effortless, and anything I say about it will ruin that.

Well, not anything. For one thing, as I say, a lot of it was written some time ago, and all I did this week was patch it up a little to have it up as an emergency substitute for the piece that I planned to have up Friday, which will be ready this Friday.

My notes follow.

I was, for once, actually pleased with this. Instead of ripping it apart, I’ll dissect (ha, ha) it a little in terms of things that interested me.

I want to mention that this drew influence from Gilbert and Sullivan, of course — look at “Things are seldom what they seem” and especially “If you go in, you’re sure to win“. However, in those, Gilbert strings together a bunch of cliches about the same subject. “Anatomy” has no overarching meaning, just a little cleverness spread too far. I can hardly object, though, to being inferior to WS Gilbert.

I kinda picture this set to fiddle music. In my mind, it goes to the tune of the Cotton-Eyed Joe.

I jot down notes when I’m writing, and here are some lines that didn’t make the cut (ha, ha), the last for good reasons.

Shoulder to the wheel
Neck of the woods
Mind over matter
Leg of a journey
The heart of the matter, de liver de letter… (groan)

Several got left out because there wasn’t a pressing need to reuse a body part. In fact, I believe I only reused “back.” I was going to change it but then I realized I’d also already used “nail,” so I wouldn’t have improved it.

I suppose if I was going to reuse a body part I should’ve reused “head,” because two heads are better than I’ll stop typing now.


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