“Friday” Fiascos #, uh, 5: The Rubbish of Strangers

Sunday, January 7, 2007

(“Friday?” Well, I guess I was working on it on Friday, or something. Also, I think this is the fifth Fiasco, but I’ve forgotten to keep count.)

I’m thinking about picking up a new instrument (if only so that I can accompany myself without that same plodding oom-pah piano) Just how easily influenced I am can be seen in the list of new instruments I’m considering:

Now here comes The Doifter, set on spoiling my calculations by introducing a new element into the mix. A tiny, four-stringed element of pure joy.

Ultra Concentrated Joy

Here is my cover of her song, “The Rubbish of Strangers.” My rendition contains no ukelele, unfortunately (although the allergic should note that it was manufactured in a facility that also processes ukeleles), and as you can guess, my singing is not at all as good as hers. Accompaniment is also by me, on plodding oom-pah piano. Finally, I’ve added new lyrics and music of my own composition to the end.

If you still want to listen in spite of all that, here it is.


Lyrics are after the jump.

It seems like every week
Someone on my street
Is throwing out a futon,
As I make my way,
Almost every day
They lie in wait.
And I wonder as I go by
And see the cushions piled up high
What my neighbors are doing,
In their little flats
To go through futons at
Such an alarming rate!

(additional lyrics by Bry)
It’s the rubbish of strangers,
It’s the stuff they throw out there,
All the rubbish of strangers
Tells me too much about their lives,
All the fears they’ve faced
And the dreams they’ve chased,
Oh, it’s such a waste
That all of those’ll
Sit outside
With their drawstrings tied,
So undignified
At the disposal
Of strangers,
The rubbish of strangers,

Thanks go out to the Doifter for good-naturedly endorsing this message, even though I didn’t inform her that I was going to tamper with her creation until it was already recorded and uploaded. And I should not be allowed within sixty feet of a pun again.

Edited, 2008-06-24: Sheet music: The Rubbish of Strangers (in C Major).

Chords: (Note that this was played in the key of C and artificially shifted up to F major, if I recall correctly a year and a half later. The Doifter’s original is in D, I think. Never mind.)

C                     F
  It's the rubbish of strangers,
                          Cm        C
It's the trash they throw out there.
All the rubbish of strangers
                   C    C#dim G7 (I might make it a Dmin instead)
Tells me too much about their lives,
And all the fears they've faced
And the dreams they've chased,
         Dm7b5 (aka "JoCo half-dim")
Oh, it's such a waste
That all of those'll
Sit outside
With their drawstrings tied,
So undignified
At the disposal
   C         Fm
Of strangers,
               F#dim     Fm
The rubbish of strangers,

One Response to ““Friday” Fiascos #, uh, 5: The Rubbish of Strangers”

  1. The Doifter Says:

    Awesome. Click my name for my giddy response.

    P.S. The uke totally fulfils the Wodehouse connection. The banjolele is basically the same thing as a wooden uke, only more expensive and not as nice-sounding.

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