I go by Bry online, and I do not go by Bry in real life — don’t call me by my real name online, and don’t call me Bry to my face.

I am a devoted fan of Jonathan Coulton, gentleman-songster and Internet superstar, and “JoCo” for short. Rather than on this blog, you are more likely to find me on his forums, which I administer, or on his wiki, which I co-moderate.

I am a native Texan, now domiciled in Cambridge, Mass., and I am a passionate supporter of Dallas sports, except for the Burn FC Dallas. (Well, I’m a tepid supporter of the Rangers.)

I write light verse occasionally. I take the labor and study of writing light verse extremely seriously, but I cannot write anything serious. The closest I come to that is writing a lot of things that aren’t funny.

To reach me by e-mail, try name-of-the-blog-without-spaces at-the-price-of gmail full-stop com.

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